Monday, June 8, 2009

"Hear Jerusalem Bells a Ringin...Missionaries in a foreign field"

One of my Dreams came true yesterday. Not only have I been able to hear Jerusalem bells ringin', but I have now been able to PLAY Jerusalem bells! Brother Whipple is the organist here at the JC and he has been given the opportunity to go and play at the YMCA bell tower in West Jerusalem. It was built by the same architect who built the Empire State Building in NYC (and in the 1930s both were the tallest in NY and Jerusalem). But we got to go with him this Sunday and hear them being played. Then, he asked us if we would like to have a chance to play them. So WE DID! We played hymns that are familiar to all LDS and it was wonderful. The whole city heard the music and then I was able to ring in the noon hour in key of G! I also played "Redeemer of Israel" on the Bells! Talk about a once in a lifetime! WOW.

We can't preach the gospel here but we sure can play music and it was heard in all the city.

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  1. Viva la Vida!!

    That sounds like a very neat experience. I think I would be so afraid of messing up that I would mess up! You're great!