Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

No. Not just the 311 song, though it was quite a hit when I was in 9th grade back at Union Middle School. I am talking about my life. And you would think that being laid off from an amazingly growing company like Qualtrics (see Magic Pony entry below) that I would be depressed and my soul harrowed because of losing a job. Well, to be honest, I did shed a tear or two. Twas a good job. And a great experience. However, it has been the best thing that ever could have happened to me! And I actually am not the type of person to just admit that anything has "happened" to me. Because I am the one who likes to know that I am happening to the world! Like the saying goes:

"We must become the CREATORS of our circumstance
***26 year old Billionaire who could have just played video games all day***

and not the CREATURES carried by our circumstance."
***26 year old Hundredaire who is probably really good at Halo or Final Fantasy***

So basically I could have sat back and looked at my life saying "I am a failure and a single, 27 year old college grad with no job who just got laid off". But I will not. Instead I will date the most amazing girl I've ever known, create an iPhone app, start 2 businesses, and get a job working for the most impressive and innovative tech start-up in the valley... (and that is saying something). I would at least argue that it has the most potential as a social deal platform with merchant analytics. And that is exactly what I am doing. The iPhone app is almost done. ASP Media Productions is created. The new website for returned missionaries has been purchased and secured and the book is on the way. I even just partnered with the founder of Parker Planners to integrate this into the website and manual. Icing on the cake: I just ran 10.5 miles yesterday and will be running a 200 mile relay in less than a month! Life is good. Really good. Oh and join Kalood! the company I am working for! You get all kinds of deals! Here is the link: http://kalood.com/GTX

I know this entry may sound a little ostentatious, but I submit to you that many of you are potentially inspired to be loyal your better self when things seem like they have gone awry and to be the Creator of your circumstance instead of the creature carried by it.

Okay go do it!

Oh and PS - watch this speech, it will change your life (Art Williams another Billionaire influencer):

What's the difference between the "$50,000 a year" person and the "$500,000 a year" person? Watch the video.

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