Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Parable of the Pathway, the Pearl and the Pond

I thought of this while in the Garden of Gethsemane this Sabbath. I got to write a parable for my New Testament class and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy...

The kingdom of heaven is likened unto three men seeking treasure. There was a treasure of pearls in a pond at the end of a treacherous pathway. At the beginning of the pathway was a division. One led left the other right. The left was lit by other sources. The right path required that one bring light because it was not lit. A sign was posted in the dark at the division that read “this is the way” with an arrow pointing to the right.

The first man entered without his own light and did not see the sign to direct his path. Therefore, he took the path to the left lit by other sources. He took this path and was overtaken by evil men.

The second man enters and sees the sign because he had brought a light he had borrowed. He goes down the dark path. The path is very treacherous and narrow. On the way, he finds a pearl. When he finds this pearl, he rejoices thinking that he has found the treasure. As he inspects the pearl, he wonders if it really is the treasure he was seeking for. At this moment his light begins to fade and he runs in fear that he will have no light to reach the entrance with the his treasure. He barely reaches the place of division in time for his light to go out completely. He sees the trail that is lit by other sources and takes it. When on this path, he is overcome by evil men and looses the pearl. Believing that the one pearl was the only treasure, he loses hope for any future treasure to be found.

The third man enters with his own light and ample charge. He finds the pathway that is dark and takes it after seeing the sign’s direction. He finds the pearl in the pathway, yet he feels there must be something more. He continues in the path which becomes even more dark and treacherous, but because his lamp is powerful, he finds his way to the end of the pathway. There he sees a pond in which are found countless pearls deep within. The man rejoices at having found the treasure and begins to immerse himself to retrieve the treasure.
Please share the meanings that you think this could have. I already have my own, but I would be interested to know what you all think. If you can't comment on this blog, just send it to my email at hermanoproctor@gmail.com.

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