Sunday, May 31, 2009

"I am doing a great work and cannot come down"

Here are some shots of the walls of Jerusalem. I just finished my hometeaching last night. I guess it was a little late in the month, but still 100%. We decided to talk about President Uchtdorf's priesthood message of the green light on the jet and Nehemiah. It is neat because we are studying about the different destructions and restorations of Jerusalem in our Judaism class. It is neat to be able to see the wall and even walk on it. The wall in these pictures is not the wall that Nehemiah built, but it is still really beautiful. In our message, we talked about how we can be distracted from things that are most important. Like the pilots in the jet plane who were distracted by the broken light and eventually crashed into the everglades. But though Nehemiah was temped to come down from building the wall, he said: "I am doing a great work and cannot come down". I think it is pretty easy to become distracted and want to come down, but I like thinking about Nehemiah and how he finished what the Lord wanted him to do. My mission president told me after the mission that one of Satan's greatest tools for faithful LDS people is to get them to do a lot of good things and to ignore doing the critical things. That has made me think often about my priorities and what is most important.

The pictures are of the wall and us on the wall. The last one is of Dad talking to a Jew at the Western Wall. (to be added)

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  1. Great perspective on priorities. Interesting connection between Nehemiah.

    Your pictures didn't come through; just the numbers.